Welcome to Fantasy Gambling! Go ahead and BetARound!


Screw the Bookie, Bet your Friends, but this time it’s a game. Take a look at the newest and coolest way to have some action against your pals. The money isn’t real but the rush of winning certainly is. 


Bet-A-Round is a turn-based wagering game with strategy, excitement and competition. It’s like a board game for degenerate gamblers and those who wanna be.


·      Place wagers on sporting and pop-culture events with real-time odds.

·       Match-up against some buddies and see who can end up with the biggest bankroll.

·      Play anywhere from a 3 to 9 round turn-based game. We keep score, you keep your day job.

·     Bet-A-Round tracks everything and keeps you “in the know” when the games come on that effect your head to head matchups.