Degenerate Sidebettors

Other sites have affiliates – we have degenerates. 


This page is dedicated to all our Certified Degenerate SideBettors out there.  These guys would love to take your action, so check out their sites and/or follow them on twitter… Anyone with an audience can become a degenerate for free.  If you want to engage your audience via SideBets, give us a shout at and we’ll give you all the details on becoming a CDSB.  And that, my friends, is Social BETworking


Jordan Stuckey - @jordanstuckey

StuckeyHogSports Radio personality and all around great guy is happy to take your action. Friend him on the app; username-JordanStuckey and take his fake cash.


Ty Hildenbrandt - @tyhildenbrandt

Co-Host of the SolidVerbal Podcast on The Grantland Network. Friend him on the app; username-tyhildenbrandt and take his fake money. His show with @Dan_Rubenstein is brilliant.