Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SideBets™ app?

SideBets is a social game involving fictional sportsbook betting against friends. The thrill of the action and competition are real but the funds are not.

How Do I Play?

All you essentially need is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android device and a brain.  Download the app for starters.  Invite and/or add friends to bet against. Then, send and receive bets, repeat.


You will find that betting against a friend rather than in the vacuum of cyberspace against an imaginary sportsbook is more fun.  Keep an eye out for your bankroll, when it's getting low, tap the $ sign and pump up your funding.

Can I Ever Withdraw My Funds?

No! SideBets is for entertainment purposes only, no real money is at stake or should be exchanged.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

All six major professional and college sports.  More sports to come in the future!

What is "Juice" and does SideBets™ take any?

In sports betting "juice" is the commission paid to bookmakers on losing bets for the privilege of betting. For example, on a $110 football bet, the winning bettors collect only $100.  The extra $10 is the juice.  Also known as the "Vig".  


And no, SideBets does not take any commission on bets because your friends are acting as the "house" and the payout is based strictly on the odds.  We are just facilitating your competition with our awesome app.

How Does Peer-To-Peer Betting Work?

Sportsbook betting on its own consists of betting against the house with odds determining the potential payout.  In our games, your friend is "housing" your bet. This means that if Friend A offers Friend B a bet, and it is accepted, Friend B agrees to pay Friend A based on the odds of that particular bet.  Some bets contain no odds, like football spread bets, while some bets like moneyline bets have aggressive odds. Relax, we do all the math cupcake.